Faith Based Men's Recovery
Residence in Valdosta, Georgia

Live Sober

Become A Person of Stability With A Plan For:


Establish a new life in a safe place with Christ, Family and Friends.


With an established plan and accountability, become the master over your money.


Access your goals and set a structure for a path to your career.

Redeemed Living is a faith based live in recovery residence in Valdosta, Georgia.

We provide a personalized program for community, accountability and opportunity.

Why Redeemed Living?


Live in a safe place and establish a lifestyle that you can take with you. Live with other sober guys who are going through what you are going through.


Live with a structure that foster a kinship of accountability.


Live with a band of brothers that maximize opportunity for spiritual growth, employment and recovery.

At Redeemed Living, we understand that you want a manageable life.

In order to get that, you need community and a plan for living life after addiction.

The problem is finding a safe place to go with sober people, no judgement and understanding is hard.

This can make you feel helpless. We believe it is best for you to live in a faith-based community of sober men to help you.


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Fill Out Admission Packet

The admission packet will help us to know you and establish a path for your new life.

Start Over In A New Community

Be filled with energy and focus again. Start a new life in a safe place with other sober men.

Imagine living in a supporting, faith-based community where anything is possible.

  • Find new relationships.
  • Restore family relationships.
  • Manage your money well enough to buy a car.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Pay your depts.
  • Build savings.
  • Renew your faith.
  • Find your career path.
  • Excel at your job.
  • Buy a house.
  • See your marriage healed.
  • Be physically healthy.
  • Grow spiritually.

Stop The Pain

Redeemed Living can play a large part in helping you:

Stop Feeling Bad

Get back in shape physically.
Get a plan to make money.

Avoid Incarceration

Demonstrate that you know you have a problem and you are working on it.

Keep Your Family

Earn trust from your family and love ones.

Brent Moore

Hi, I'm Brent Moore

At twelve years old, I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. By eighteen, I was a full-blown cocaine addict and alcoholic. From eighteen to twenty one I lived a life of utter chaos. My life had become completely unmanageable. I ruined every relationship and started losing everything I was working so hard to keep.

Something was missing.

I began to notice others who had been on the same road I was on for many years. I knew that I did not want to be on that same road five years later or, worse, dead.

On march 20, 2011 I decided to turn my addictions over to God. Broken down on a dirt road, I promissed God I would not pick up another drink or drug again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Redeemed living will ensure you have all the necessary resources to
look for and obtain employment. 

Yes, after 30 days in the program you are eligible to drive. 

Yes, we encourage family restoration. Our goal is to help you maintain
healthy relationships with positive family members and to learn to set
healthy boundaries to protect your sobriety. 

During inpatient treatment you learn the tools to start you on a road to
recovery. At Redeemed living, we help you put those tools into action by
establishing a healthy, sober lifestyle. This includes helping you budget
your finances, stay on a regimented work, church, and recovery meeting
schedules, as well as learning the social skills needed to comfortable
re-entering society sober. 

The program is set up for a year, but is broken down into four phases. We do
not put a time limit on how long each phase takes. Each person's journey is
different and we understand some may need more time to complete a phase than
others. The program can be extended so that each resident can stay as long
as they deem necessary.

Yes, each resident must have completed an inpatient treatment program within
the last 365 days. Also, the desire to grow in your relationship with Christ
is required. 

Our mission is to provide you with everything necessary to live a normal
life with the accountability you need to live a life of recovery and

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